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The Farm— April 2016

Boo and her Peep

We have been so busy lately with our little backyard farm, and it has come with some great moments. Our first flock of chickens are 13 weeks old, and the new flock is 8 weeks old. They are finally all “sleeping together” in the coop, and the funny thing is that the big ones are […]

Our Little Farm

Big chicks

Wow, it seems like all I do is write about our little farm lately, but it has made me so happy, that sharing our stories and images…..should be all I write about. We have the 2 groups still separated, and I thought about putting them together the other day, but my mommy instinct took over […]

Memory Lane in Rural North Carolina


Our friend Sharon has lived in North Carolina her whole life. She was born in a small town outside of Thomasville and as soon as she could, moved to the “Big City” of Winston Salem and never looked back. Talking with her about her family, we never truly understood the vastness of her family that […]